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Radiant Health and Wellness of Lincoln Nebraska was founded by Grace Kats APRN,FNP-C. Grace has been a Nurse for over 14 years. Grace Kats APRN,FNP-C During this time, she realized that many of the men and women she treated were looking for alternative solutions for their health, skin, and overall wellness that many care providers didn’t address. Recognizing this strong demand, she decided to broaden her scope of expertise to include aesthetic medical procedures and founded The Radiant Health & Wellness spa. Our staff are licensed, trained, and well-experienced professionals. Because of this, our providers can pair clients with treatments that address their specific issues and overall health. Our providers understand the importance of precision in the medical field so anyone who visits The Radiant Health & Wellness spa can expect to see optimal results. Radiant Health & Wellness is the first of its kind in Lincoln Nebraska. We are a luxury spa that provides IV hydration therapy for individuals and groups at our clinic or mobile where we come to you at your event. Our facility is conveniently located in Lincoln, NE. Whether you’re looking for an escape from your busy lifestyle or want to treat yourself to a relaxing experience, we can help! We offer many treatments and services that has its own medical benefits and can be combined with other therapies. To schedule a complimentary consultation and take control of your health today, use our online contact form today.
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